About Me

I am an adventure photographer.  Curiosity has driven my life for a constant need for adventure.  I’m forever grateful for photography and where it has taken me.

“It’s not a real adventure when you have to pay for it.” Sir Edmund Hillary

At a young age my passion for photography and video started on my driveway- capturing my friends skateboarding with a VHS camcorder.  Growing up I pursued and excelled in many sports. Quickly I realized the creative athleticism that adventure sports provided called out to me.

I passionately enjoy shooting adventure, sport, landscape and lifestyle visuals.  Currently, I’m in pursuit for creative outlets that allow me to capture and share adventure and natures beauty.

With the creation of this site, I hope to be able to showcase my photography, inspire people to enjoy the outdoors and provide insight on everything adventure related.  I hope to post weekly on my blog and continually update and grow.

Getting in touch with me is easy – You can use the contact section on the site or just click on any of my social media contacts listed below. If you have any questions, comments or have any profession enquiries please feel free to contact me!


I am most alive being on an adventure- big or small, with a camera in hand. I thrive on ‘getting the shot’ in difficult terrain.


Maclean’s, Molson Canadian, Sunshine Village, Ski Big 3, CMH, Ascent X Media, Viral in Nature, Exmerce, Sotheby’s